Damn Cool Editor 

The „Damn Cool Editor“ is a plain but clever development environment with extrem few dependencies.

Provides (among other cool stuff)

It's intended no option for

It's a cool combination of an old fashioned tool and clever stuff for advanced users thinking that modern IDEs are just bloated toys with far too little focus on the main thing: your code.

At the moment there's just a short line up of syntax extensions included (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, INI, PHP, Tcl/Tk, Shell, and XML).

Tcl/Tk software!If You want to use a source code archive You will also need an up to date Tcl/Tk interpreter to execute it. And maybe You will need some extra libraries, too (f.e. tcllib, sqlite3, tktray, libtk-img, tdom or md5).
Some words about my SoftwareAll software was written for my own use. It works exactly as I wanted it to act, and I wrote it because other software doesn't. So things You might dislike could be exactly what I wanted to have ;) Please note that some software here isn't usable for the average user – You might need some knowledge to get it to work (especially related to script execution and/or Tcl/Tk).

My code and/or software is free, but never was, is not and never will be freeware. Instead all is published under the terms of the 2-Clause BSD License.