Here are my extensions to the FreeBSD ports tree. To use it you should already be familiar with FreeBSD and the handling of ports and packages.

Created on 15.04.2021 its target is FreeBSD 13.0 (amd64). It contains ports of my own software as well as enhanced and/or modified stuff.

Some Notes


The archive contains a port of SeaMonkey as well as the therefore needed, but deprecated port of lang/python27; Note that lang/python27 is just a build dependency, and can be removed afterwards.

Updating from version 2.49.5 or earlier means "no way back" (or "use your backup") as the user directory isn't backward compatible.

For a faster build process you may want to check if the following packages are installed on your machine: cmake gmake gtk2 gtk3 llvm11 rust-cbindgen
If you want to pre-install all needed packages for the default options go with that list (might pull in many other packages): alsa-lib alsa-plugins autoconf213 cmake gmake gtk2 gtk3 hunspell libGLU libv4l libvpx libXt llvm11 nasm nss pkgconf pulseaudio python27 rust-cbindgen v4l_compat yasm zip
But also consider that pre-installing those dependencies will set them to a "non-automatic" state, while the build process would leave them with the "automatic" flag; So you've got to take care of getting rid of them again by your own – a simple pkg autoremove won't do that for you…

If you don't want an english GUI take a look at the available language packs.
To get the spellchecker up & running you have to install a dictionary addon that will be explicit filed under (the on the fly uprising topic) "Dictionaries" in about:addons – and not under "Extensions"; That circumstance belongs to a newer addon meachnisms SeaMonkeys big brother uses, so you may have to dive through older versions of the desired dictionary (SeaMonkey has so far no WebExtensions api support, so for addons legacy versions are needed). And don't forget to select your dictionary in the preferences and restart SeaMonkey…


In mid-2020, the port sysutils/roottail (v1.2) was officially removed with the notes "unfetchable" and "broken for more than 6 months"; However, a newer version already existed by another source, so: Here's my port of that source. If you're still using the outdated roottail package: backup and remove it first.


At time of building this "ports extensions" this was the actual and official state of that port; So it's nothing I've done anything with – it's just included because it will be removed from the ports tree soon. But as it's needed to build SeaMonkey: With this you're able to pull it temporarily in even if it's officially gone.