Damn Cool Editor 

The „Damn Cool Editor“ is a plain but clever development environment with extrem low dependencies. It provides (among other cool stuff)

It's intended no option for

It's a cool combination of an old fashioned tool and clever stuff for advanced users thinking that modern IDEs are just bloated toys with far too little focus on the main thing: your code. Currently there's just a short line up of syntax extensions included (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, INI, PHP, Perl, Tcl/Tk, Shell, XML, SVG and Rivet).

Tcl/Tk software! If You want to use a source code archive You will also need an up to date Tcl/Tk interpreter to execute it. And maybe You will need some extra libraries, too (which ones is specified inside the source archive).

Some words about my software All software was written for my own use. It works exactly as I wanted it to act, and I wrote it because other software doesn't. So things You might dislike could be exactly what I wanted to have ;) My code and/or software on this page is free, but never was, is not and never will be freeware. Instead all is published under the terms of the 2-Clause BSD License.